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BDJ是CellO Wireless公司先进的无线干扰产品线,其被广泛的应用于全蜂窝网络频段干扰领域,根据不同应用场景BDJ干扰台系列提供多种干扰半径可供选择;BDJ同时也可以用来监听干扰区域内移动尝
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The BDJ are CellO Wireless advanced jammers product line designed to completely block All cellular frequency bands in the destination country with selective bandwidth per operator or complete bands blocking for cellular NO SERVICE.
Based on the company advanced capabilities in the telecom repeaters market the jammers designed in carrier grade quality and can combine between repeaters to jammer functionalities.
Each jammer includes several options for power levels to jam different radiuses from 10m radius to wide area jamming with the high power models.
The unit has a build in controller that can be access by a local RS232 port or by a remote terminal using a GSM/UMTS modem and fast Ethernet RJ-45
The jammer can be set to listen the environment while blocking and interrupting only if cellular phones try to connect with the network.
Optional Features:
Network Management System.
CellO Network Management System (NMS) allows multiple repeaters in a single network to be controlled from a central console, offering improved efficiency and Responsiveness from your enhanced coverage cellular network. The NMS can be installed as a full application on a specific workstation at the client’s network operations center (NOC) or can be implemented as a fully IP-based Web Interface over the Internet.


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